Ride Me Right (Raising Hellfire MC, #2) by Michele de Winton

Ride Me Right (Raising Hellfire MC, #2)Ride Me Right by Michele de Winton
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

Fire & Ice

My love for MC Romance led me to take a chance on a new author. I read Ride Me Right as a standalone. While I enjoyed the story, it kinda bugged me that though the series is labeled MC, the bikers were referred to as gangs in the story. Having heard so many times in the past that it was offensive to motorcycle clubs, reading that description was distracting to me.

Lucy Black is badass. She's a motorcycle mechanic who is passionate about working on bikes. Unfortunately, being a female in a male dominated profession makes it very hard to find work in her chosen career. The men tend to disrespect her by only seeing her curves, or feeling threatened by her skills. Her dream is to run her own bike shop, but that's not looking good so far. After losing her latest job, she's forced to accept a position in housekeeping at Wilde Hotel owned by her friend Briony. After drowning her sorrows, she decides to take a dip in the hotel pool. Too bad that she appeared to be drowning herself instead. Or maybe it wasn't bad, her unnecessary rescuer was hot.

Jake saw someone floating in the pool and instinctively jumped in fully clothed to rescue them. Nobody was dying on his watch. He was left in charge of his stepsister's hotel while she was on her honeymoon and he took his responsibility seriously. What he wasn't expecting was seeing sexy Lucy in her white cotton panties made invisible once soaked. Nor was he expecting to get yelled at for trying to save her life. How was he to know she wasn't really drowning?

As Jake & Lucy went toe-to-toe in more ways than one, their chemistry kept getting in the way of their determination to resist each other. Having painful pasts and frustrating job situations in common they found themselves drawn to each other. Jake was unable to resist wanting to help her out. Rescuing damsels in distress was just part of his DNA. However; Lucy was used to having to survive on her own, fighting every step of the way to be taken seriously. So they kept butting heads...and uglies. They couldn't resist each other, until the next time they fought. They were fire and ice, but every time he put out the fire it blazed again. And every time she hardened her heart against him, Iceman melted her into a puddle...again.

With biker 'gangs' getting involved and danger hot on her trail the couple kept getting their wires crossed. Would they be able to get to the bottom of the situation and find the truth? Once they did, would they accept it? What does Raising Hellfire MC have to do with it? Does she belong to them? I'm not telling, you'll have to read it for yourself.


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