Rough Ride (Chaos, #4.5) by Kristen Ashley

Rough Ride (Chaos #4.5)Rough Ride (Chaos, #4.5) by Kristen Ashley
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"The road to our cloud of sweetness had been a pretty rough ride."

I discovered MC Romance by reading my first Kristen Ashley book and I've never turned back. She opened my eyes, giving me a taste of dirty-talking bossy badass bikers with big hearts. Now I'm addicted, having read over 300 of them, and still loving the genre just as much if not more than when I started. Needless to say, when I saw that she was releasing Rough Ride through 1001 Dark Nights I was beyond excited to spend time with one of my favorite MC families, Chaos. I know that these 1001 Nights books are classified as novellas, but this story doesn't skimp, it's the full deal, giving me much more than I was expecting. It's a standalone that introduces the characters and takes you all the way to the end, leaving you feeling fully satisfied.

Rosalie has been looking for love in all the wrong places. She was raised by loving parents so she knows what it's supposed to be like, and that's what she wants for herself. She thought she'd found it a few times, only to find out the hard way that she was wrong...again. She's been disillusioned with her man for a long while, and in a last-ditch effort to save him, she decides to work with Chaos in an attempt to turn him around before it's too late. Her plan backfires when he learns of her betrayal and her punishment is severe, leaving her broken and bloody on the floor.

Snapper knew he wanted Rosalie from the moment he saw her, but she wasn't available. Their lives seemed to keep intersecting and every time he saw her he was more convinced that she was meant to be his. In his heart, she was his, she just didn't know it yet. So, he waited for his chance, becoming a friend she could count on.

Rosalie tried not to be attracted to Snapper, but it was a lost cause. After she crashed and burned in such a major way with her ex, she was ready to give up on all men. Her resolution lasted as long as it took for her to notice it was #ManBunDay and being alone wasn't all it was cracked up to be. As the Chaos family pushed themselves into her life, refusing to let her go, she realized she didn't want them to. It felt good. But she was afraid to trust in anything good because then it could all be taken away again."

What a sweetheart Snapper is when it comes to his Rosalie. I felt his heart with every word and action as he cradled her with care after she was released from the hospital. She might be in denial about the extent of his feelings, but I had no doubt that she was it for him. He inserted himself into her life and anticipated her every need. Wrapping her in patience and protection, holding her when she cried. Enveloping her in a #CloudOfSweetness that she had no hope of resisting. She mentally acknowledged that he was #PerfectForMe every time he did something to melt her into a puddle of goo, which was often. And I must concur, it happened to me too.

Don't let all that sweetness fool you though, the brothers of Chaos won't let what happened to Rosalie end there. The war with Bounty is only beginning and I wouldn't want to be them. The ongoing club business continues as their enemies keep them busy, working to keep their club and families safe. Soon Rosalie will learn what the others already know. "Chaos men are unbreakable."

I floved Rough Ride so hard that when I turned the last page I wanted to immediately start over and read it again. I don't know the author's plans for Chaos, but I really really hope that there is more of it in my future. If so, the line forms here...

$2.99/Amazon (Coming Feb. 13th!)


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