SACRED by S.L. Scott

Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"I'm just wondering if you're my reward for surviving."

I met Cruise in the author's Kingwood duet. He's Alex's (aka King's) best friend. I was excited when I learned that he would get his own story. Sacred exceeded all my expectations. I'm a huge fan of stories with broken characters, and this one has two. It ripped my heart out, and then put it back together with every smile, kiss, and promise shared between these amazing characters.

Cruise has been through hell, and he returns every night in his dreams. He survived his ordeal, but he's not really living. He's just getting by. Now that his best friend has finally settled down with the love of his life he sees what it's supposed to look like. It's not something he witnessed in his own family. But seeing the real thing makes him wonder if there's someone out there meant for him. There are lots of women that try to convince him that they can make all his dreams come true. But he knows they just want his name and his money.

It's not until he meets her that he believes that there might be something more for him. She does not even know who he is. She doesn't care if he has money. She doesn't even know his last name. She just likes him. He knows he's not good enough for her. He knows that if she knew all of his secrets she wouldn't want him. But he can't resist her. She's his yellow.

I'm not gonna tell you who she is since the author doesn't mention her name in the synopsis. I'll just let you meet her like I did. You will fall in love with her, just like he did. She's perfect for him. She's as broken as he is so she understands him without him saying a word. "His rough to my soft. I wonder if that's how we'll always be. If two shattered souls are better apart or together."

This story is so dark and deep and heartbreaking. It is so sad and sweet and beautiful. I loved it so hard. I don't know where the author finds her inspiration, but I will keep returning to the well to fill my kindle with whatever she comes up with next. The line forms here...

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