Savage (The Kingwood Duet, #1) by S.L. Scott

Savage (The Kingwood Duet, #1)Savage by S.L. Scott
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"I'm a sin waiting to be confessed."

I must confess, I had no clue what I was getting into when I started reading Savage. It blew my mind. The author managed to convince me that King was both heaven and hell, and I wanted him to take me to both. I couldn't stop once I started reading. Who needs sleep anyway, right?

Alexander Kingwood IV is badass. He's jaded and cocky and rich. He gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. And he wants her. He knows he shouldn't. He knows she'll be better off without him in her life. He's bad and she's good. But...he wants her. And everyone knows, King gets what he wants.

Sara Jane is a sweet innocent girl, standing in the rain in her school uniform when she first sees him. She knows he's a bad boy. She doesn't even have to be warned away from him by her friends or family. He warns her away from himself. She had her chance to walk away. But...she wants him. Even though he tells her they are not a fairytale with a happy ending, she sees the good in him that nobody else does. She believes in him when nobody else does. She loves him when he doesn't love himself. They are like magnets that are being pulled to each other. Nothing can keep them apart. And there will be hell to pay once they are together.

That's all I can tell you. Expect the unexpected. Expect to fall hard for the Savage who's so bad he's good. Expect to stay up all night if you don't start reading early. Expect to be left in a state of WTF? Expect to stalk the author, waiting for Savior, the next book in the Kingwood Duet. It was so damn good and I'm so damn excited to get my hands on the next book. The line forms here...

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