Second Chance Season (Grand Valley, #2) by Liora Blake

Second Chance SeasonSecond Chance Season (Grand Valley, #2) by Liora Blake
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Because his truck was both jacked up and broken down, his body appeared as if it had been corn-fed and well worked, and his hazel eyes were puppy-dog soft and bedroom trouble."

I'm kinda going at the series backwards, but after I read book #3 as a standalone, I fell in love with the support characters and had to go back and spend some more time with them in books #1 & #2. I also admit to already having a crush on Garrett before I even started reading Second Chance Season.

Garrett's a laid-back easy-going guy with a big heart, willing to help anyone with anything. When he saw Cara on the side of the road, he pulled over to help, even though he was already late for work. He could tell right away that she was not a country girl, and tagged her with the nickname of  'City'. One thing he noticed about her immediately was that she was tall with long legs. And being a 'leg man' he found hers to be noteworthy. Being over six feet tall, he's used to the local girls who are all much shorter than him. So he couldn't help noting that with her height they would line up just right...

Cara cracked me up with her internal dialogue as she kept telling herself not to trip or swoon when she got a good look at Garrett. The witty banter between those two was very entertaining. And the chemistry between them could start a fire without a match, a skill that she was sure he was capable of. She found it very frustrating that he seemed so perfect, capable of doing everything and always seemed to have whatever she needed stashed in the toolbox in the back of his truck. She kept trying to find something she didn't like about him but failed epically. His only flaw was the fact that he saw her as a fling instead of a forever.

Garrett was all smiles on the surface, but underneath he was broken. He'd left for college with big dreams of a bright future ahead of him, and then with only a short time left before he graduated everything was ripped away. He lost his father, his farm, and his bright future. When Cara came into his life, she made him wish for more. But he didn't have anything to offer her, living in a modular home and working at the local co-op. She was a rich city girl who was used to having whatever her heart desired. Unfortunately what her heart desired was him, and he wasn't making himself available beyond her stay in Hotchkiss.

What an emotional ride these two took me on. I was mentally planning their future and easy-going Garrett wasn't going down easy. He made me work for it. I worried and waited and wondered and willed him to wake up before it was too late. She was his second chance at a bright future. I hoped Braden would talk some sense into him, but then someone would have to talk some sense into Braden first. His broody bad-tempered best friend, Braden is the character featured in the next book in the series, Ready for Wild. As mentioned previously, I read that book first. So I cut him some slack in the best friend department because I knew what was headed his way, and he needed all the help he could get. *giggle-snort* I highly recommend this series, and I look forward to whatever the author has for her readers next. The line forms here...


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