Seducing the Defendant (Conflict of Interest, #2) by Chantal Fernando

Seducing the Defendant (Conflict of Interest, #2)Seducing the Defendant (Conflict of Interest, #2)  by Chantal Fernando
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Angels and Demons...

I'm a big fan of Chantal Fernando and her MC Romance books. When I read in the synopsis that the Wind Dragons MC were involved in this story I was very excited to read it. After reading the first book in the Conflict of Interest series, I had had already met and liked Jaxon. I was expecting a little office romance with a sexy-in-a-suit lawyer. I was totally not expecting what I got, which was so much more.

Yes, there was a bit of conflict of interest involved when Jaxon found himself attracted to his client, Scarlett. She wanted to hire him to represent her in a murder case where she's been accused of killing her husband who was a police officer. On paper the evidence against her is pretty incriminating, but when he meets her face-to-face she convinces him of her innocence. She's a beautiful broken woman who touches his heartstrings, making it hard for him to refuse her. And he doesn't want to refuse her anything...

Scarlett is fighting for her life. She needs the best attorney her money can get her. After doing her research, she ends up in Jaxon Bentley's office. When he asks her if she would be willing to accept a plea bargain, she refuses. She swears she's innocent and wants him to save her. The last thing she expects is to be attracted to her attorney. But damn, he looks like a GQ model. She needs to be worried about her future, she doesn't look good in stripes.

As Jaxon digs deeper into her husbands past he finds more trouble than he anticipated. When he discovers ties to the Wind Dragons MC he's warned off, told to leave it alone. But he can't. Not when Scarlett is depending on him. Not when failing means she might end up behind bars. Not when she finally lets him in, sharing her secrets and her desire for him. He's got his hands full, and seducing the defendant is forbidden. Will he play by the rules, or will he play dirty?

Damn! This book was amazing and shocking. Full of passion and suspense. I was totally invested and on the edge of my seat as surprising events occurred and new players got involved. As more characters were introduced I got even more attached to the circle of friends and I'm really looking forward to what comes next. The line forms here...

$5.99/Amazon (Coming November 14th!)

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