Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

Sex, Not LoveSex, Not Love by Vi Keeland
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Is it possible we slept together and didn't have sex?"
Reaching out, I picked up the edge of the sheet and lifted ever so gently. Then I leaned forward to peer underneath.
Holy Shit.
He was wearing boxer briefs.
But...he had a morning erection. A huge bulge protruded from his tight underwear. There's no way that thing had been inside me. I'd have to be at least a little sore.
Feeling relieved, I set the sheet back down and turned to walk away.
A large hand gripped my wrist.

"You'd remember it, sweetheart. Trust me."

Y'all..Sex, Not Love is soo freaking good and freaking hilarious at times!! Vi Keeland had me rolling with laughter one moment, making me have the feels the next and then fanning myself to get through the...well...S.E.X. Ohhh and then to top it off, the Kissing in this book was sooo swoon worthy. I am such a sucker for a good ole fashion kissing in a book. Yes I know most of the books I read have kissing, but some Authors just know how to turn that heat up about 20 degrees with the kissing in the book and Vi Keeland is one of those Authors that get that heat up and I just LOVE it!!

Ok, so now onto my review..haha So Hunter is the friend of the groom and Natalia-Nat, is friends of the bride. This is where Hunter and Nat meet at their best friends wedding. They have fun at the wedding, a little dancing, a little drinking, well maybe a lot of drinking and then umm as you can read in my first paragraph of my review, they wake up together. Nat is not sure what happened the night before and is trying to figure that out while she is sneaking out the door before getting caught peeking under the sheets..haha Anyway, Nat is going back home to New York and Hunter asked for Natalia's phone number, she gives him the wrong number as a joke. She thinks of him often but blows it off as just one fun night. But a year later they are back in town at the same time to be with their friends cuz now their friends are having a baby. Hunter and Nat meet up again and fun times are back for them both. The only thing is Nat has had bad relationships, her ex was in federal prison and she has full custody of his fifteen year old daughter. She is just not sure if she wants to get into a relationship again, that is when Hunter and Nat decide to make pact of sorts, a no strings attached kind of relationship, a Sex, Not Love relationship. But can they do this without getting feelings for each other, falling for one another? EEpppp.. You will have to read to find out!!!

I gave Sex, Not Love 5 iScream Cones. This book was soo delicious I just wanted more and more!!

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