Sexsomnia – Sleepless in Manhattan by Anya Omah

Sexsomnia - Sleepless in ManhattanSexsomnia - Sleepless in Manhattan by Anya Omah
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The title alone was enough to intrigue me...

Yeah, I had to take a chance on an author I'd never heard of. The title and cover were just too intriguing to pass up. And yes, I did Google Sexsomnia to see if it was an actual sleep disorder, or just something the author came up with. And I discovered it's real. Now I'm even more intrigued, right? Well, let me tell you. I'm so glad I was. I found a new author to stalk...I mean follow (wink).

Having already read the synopsis, I was aware of Abigail's issue from the beginning. My curiosity almost killed me as I waited to learn the details about her condition. I didn't expect to enjoy her character so much, but she won me over almost immediately. Actually, her first contact with the almighty Jayden King resulted in my 'girl crush' This girl who was suffering, broken, struggling to survive and get back up after a devastating event blew my mind...
and his.
She didn't back down when he was a jerk. She didn't crumble under his cruelty. She didn't bow and scrape to be given a chance at the job she was there to interview for. Nope, she stood up to him and served it right back. I was mentally cheering her on while at the same time thinking to myself what a different approach to making a first impression on a prospective boss. At the same time I was giggle-snorting and thinking, "Don't try this, it only works in fiction."

Jayden was sex in a suit. He was used to women flocking to him and having to fight them off. So much so that he was bored with the process. He was tired of them telling him what they thought he wanted to hear and being so obvious that it took the fun out of the experience. He wanted a challenge and since they weren't providing it, he concentrated on his work, needing the mental stimulation to distract himself. What he needed to be distracted from is something you'll have to learn for yourself. No reason for you to be deprived of the frustration I suffered while waiting to have that little question answered. It's part of the journey that you don't want to miss.

Abigail lives with her older sister, who is also her best friend. She's the one that always tries to talk her off the ledge, but seldom succeeds. She is is also the one that is there to pick up the pieces when Abby falls apart. When she finds out that Abby told Jayden what he could do with the job that she was there to interview for she sighed with frustration, and acceptance. Knowing that her job as the voice of reason would never be finished. While she was very proud of her sister, she was very aware of Abigail's tendency to speak first and think later. She was concerned for her sister, but at the same time found her sass and confidence to be one of the things she loved most about Abby. So, she laughed, and then she tried to convince her to give it another go.

Jayden was not used to being turned down. Actually, he doesn't remember it ever happening before. Being the successful business man that he was, he found that unacceptable and determined to win her over. Now, out of all the hundreds of applicants for the job, of which he didn't know any of their names, all he could think of was Abigail Davis. But the big question was, which did he want more? Ms. Davis in his office or in his bed? Or maybe...both?

Let me tell you, this story is H-O-T! and it's sad, and it's suspenseful. It kept me totally invested and flipping pages
all night long. 
I couldn't stop reading once I started. I needed answers, and I needed more office sex. I needed more bossy alpha caveman behavior that provoked feisty witty comebacks that resulted in passionate explosions of the best kind. And now that I've turned the last page, I need more Anya Omah in my life. I want more! The line forms here...

$1.99/Amazon #FreeKU

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