Shelter (Getaway, #2) by Jay Crownover

Shelter (Getaway, #2)Shelter (Getaway, #2) by Jay Crownover
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Ohhh and the Warner Brother saga continues in Shelter and this read was wayyy more angstier then book one-Retreat!! I guess you could read this book as a standalone?? But really, I feel you should read Retreat first because I feel you will really enjoy how this Getaway all got started.

Lord have mercy.... First off this is Sutton's book. Shelter is definitely going to give you the feels while reading. Holy crap I would have to take a moment while reading at times cuz Sutton definitely beat himself up after what happened to Emrys in book one. It really broke my heart. He felt that it was all his fault the guys with guns caught up with them after the brothers found the illegal marijuana farm hidden deep within the forests. Sutton knew they just wouldn't let them leave after finding their crops and he knew they would want to kill them after they came up on these plants.

"It's not fair that after everything you went through, you ended up with more scars than I did." I swallowed, hard, and wrapped my arms around myself. I stared at him unblinkingly and whispered, "You almost died. What happened to me was terrible and scary, but it was nothing compared to the fear I felt when I realized you had been shot."

See so much emotion!! But you will love the story coming out of all this heartache you have to go through with Sutton and Emrys. She has to peel those layers away from Sutton's heart and make him see that she and his daughter are worth fighting for.

I gave Shelter 5 iScream Cones!! I loved the angst, the heartache and the love that Emrys has for Sutton. Another great book from Jay Crownover!!!

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