Show Me Something (Something, #5) by Aubrey Bondurant

Show Me Something (Something, #5)Show Me Something (Something, #5) by Aubrey Bondurant
Laura's rating: 5 of 5 stars

Show Me Something is the fifth book in the Something series but can be read as a standalone. I have had the chance to read the prior two books an d really enjoyed them. So, when the opportunity to read book five presented itself, I couldn't say no. Bondurant's writing just keeps getting better with each book she writes. Her attention to detail and the character development is spot on. She has a way of drawing the reader in from the first few chapters and taking them on a roller coaster ride full of surprises.

Juliette Walker and her young son have just made the move to Connecticut. Leaving her home of Charlotte behind, she sets out to start over after ending her ten-year marriage. Moving so far away seemed to be the best answer for a rather hairy situation. He soon to be ex is a dirty cop, and in order to keep herself and her son safe, Juliette has moved them seven hundred miles away. With the help of good friends, she has a safe place to stay and a good job that allows her to work from home.

Juliette literally has no filter. She says exactly what is on her mind and then pays for it later. I loved how she has a swear jar, something that so many of us can relate too. She is saving up to take her young son to DisneyWorld. I think we have all tried to save this way at one point in our

All Juliette wants to do is move on with her life and keep her son and herself safe. When she meets Mark at a party, her filter is nowhere to be found. It doesn't help that she has him confused with another man by the same name. Once she realizes the mistake she made, she has to suck it up since she will be seeing the gorgeous man more often than she knew. He works across the hall from her apartment. With the help of her friends, she can only hope that she can put her life back together and finally find some happiness.

Mark Hines is still dealing with the loss of his fiance several years earlier and has no intentions of starting a relationship. When he strikes up a friendship with the young mother across the hall he never expected her to be the one to try and help him heal. Marks character totally threw me for a loop. Who knew that the nerdy lawyer type was so sexy and dirty talking underneath that suit and glasses. Holy Swoon! When Mark and Juliette's friendship becomes more can they be what the other really needs to move on and put their hard pasts behind them or will old ghost hold on too tightly?

The dynamic between these two characters is awesome. Watching them learn to live and love is inspiring. They do so much growing individually from the beginning of the story. They have to learn to navigate what a real relationship should be and when you throw a child into the mix it can make things harder.


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