Skylar (The Club Girl Diaries, #7) by Addison Jane

Skylar (The Club Girl Diaries Book 7)Skylar (The Club Girl Diaries, #7) by Addison Jane
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"It was the place I felt the most at home, on the road to nowhere."

Another amazing addition to The Club Girl Diaries. I'm so addicted to this series...

When I read Wrench, the author teased me with a glimpse of Skylar. Just enough to leave me very intrigued and anxious to learn about the past that she was running from. I had no idea who would tempt her to reconsider her reluctance to fall for a brother, but I couldn't wait to find out. And let's just say I was fully on board with the lucky biker when I finally got to meet him. Of course, Eagle has issues, they all do to some extent. That's what makes the brothers so perfect, right? It's their brokenness that makes them unique and worth fighting for. It's their pain that gives them the insight to feel compassion for others. This particular club is one of the good ones. They treat their women with respect and fight for their families. Those that they've accepted into their fold are also family, and that includes their club girls. They don't allow just anyone to work in that position. They are screened and expected to follow the rules, but they are treated very well, unlike many of their rival clubs who mistreat their women. That's the most important thing for Skylar, the freedom to explore her hard-earned independence and protection while doing it. She knows the club has her back, and she's proud to be a part of their family.

Eagle is a loner. He's chosen to remain a nomad, traveling from club to club, staying where needed and then moving on to the next one. Staying in one place too long makes him feel claustrophobic. He feels most at home in Athens, at the club with his best friend. They served in the Army together, sharing good times,  and bad.  This is also where he met Skylar. He made it a practice to avoid the club girls. With them being treated as family, he couldn't just enjoy what they offered and move on as he preferred to do without risking hurt feelings and confrontation. He preferred to meet his needs outside the club. But he wasn't blind, he'd noticed her...

His impressive skill at avoiding the club girls became useless when the club president ordered him to do something that required that he spend time with her. He never meant for her to see him out of control. He worked hard to keep his issues private and held tight control of himself when in public. But when it happened, she surprised him. It was like she knew what he was going through, and exactly what he needed. She didn't try to fix him. She just helped him breathe through it. She joked and said outrageous things trying to make him smile. And sometimes it worked, much to his own amazement. She was observant and gradually learned his triggers and avoided them. She worked her way in, until he felt comfortable, and he didn't want to let her go. Too bad she was a free spirit too, preferring not to be tied to any of the brothers. Could he change her mind?

I really enjoyed getting to know this couple. Their painful past experiences gave them an unspoken understanding of each other, a sense of what was needed based on their own feelings. It stirred compassion and protectiveness. But would that be enough when the danger she was running from found her? When her guilt and regret weighed her down, would she run again, or stay and fight? Would Eagle finally give up his nomad lifestyle and stay if he had someone to stay for? Could he convince her that belonging to someone wasn't always a bad thing? Would she ever choose to be his?

With each new book in the series, I worry that it might be the last, and I don't want that to happen. I want it to go on and on and on. I know that there's at least one more club girl with a story to tell, and I can't wait to get to know her better. And I can't wait to meet the man that will get past her walls and touch the emotions she tries to hide with her snark. It's gonna be sooo good! The line forms here...

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