So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2) by Kate Meader

So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2)So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2) by Kate Meader
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"Eventually she'd rise above these setbacks, both her crushed ambitions and her ambitious crush."

I was so excited to dive into another installment of the Chicago Rebels series. I happened upon Kate Meador accidentally, enticed by a cover that captured my attention and a synopsis that was too intriguing to pass up. A hockey team owned by three sisters is some entertaining reading and this talented author has earned a fan. Though I'm very anxious to meet the man that takes on the third sister, I'm reluctant for the series to end. It's that good...

Isobel is the middle sister. The closest to a hockey playing son her father could get. She won an Olympic medal but still managed to be a disappointment to him. I can't begin to tell you how much he disappointed me. He had three beautiful, talented, amazing daughters and still wasn't satisfied. Even after he died, he still managed to make them jump through hoops. In spite of his severely lacking parental skills, two of his daughters have a deep love for hockey and desperately want to remain the owners of the team. The third sister is a lot of fun and is being cooperative, but it's not in her blood like the other two. I'm very curious to see if she becomes more involved when we finally get to her book.

Isobel's first assignment as a skating consultant for the team couldn't be more stressful. Of course, it would end up being Vadin "Asshatski" Petrov, the "club-hopping, vodka-sodden manwhore" who once took her virginity as a teen. It's all she can do not to roll her eyes every time she hears him referred to as 'Czar of Pleasure'. Those skills must have been developed over time, or his groupies are lying for the attention. That was certainly not how she would describe their time together.

Vadim is not happy to learn that Isobel has the power to keep him off the ice if he doesn't work with her to improve his skating after a knee injury. It's not that he doubts her skills, because he's seen her compete, and she has the knowledge. No, it's the bad blood between them that developed after they were caught together as teenagers. He paid a high price for his infatuation with the daughter of a man who tolerated no distractions on her path to the National Women's Hockey League.

Neither of them wants to work together. They both have their reasons. But the fact is that he needs her help, and she needs him to perform at peak to save her team. So they come to a grudging truce and put the work in. And when nobody is looking, she observes his sculpted muscles and he admires her heart-shaped ass. The attraction is still there in spite of their best efforts to deny it.

What fun it was to see the arrogant left-wing who dominates on the ice brought down a peg or two when his teenage performance received such low scores. He was determined to prove he had what it took to get back in the game and to melt the ice around Isobel's heart. He owed her some orgasms, and he was keeping score.

I am so glad to see that the estranged sisters are trying to spend time together and get to know each other better. Having the same father and different mothers made it hard when they were growing up. They all wanted to earn their father's love and attention and it was hard to accept when one received it and another didn't. But now that he's gone, there's nothing stopping them from bonding and showing a united front as team owners. Their sarcasm and witty banter are very amusing. I have my fingers crossed that they will learn to love each other and stay close whether they manage to maintain ownership of the Rebels or not.

The author has dropped a few teasers about the upcoming installment Undone by You and I'm very impatient to get my hands on it. Especially since I thought the series would be limited to three books about the only the three daughters, but it's not! Nope, it's about Dante, the sexy GM of the Chicago Rebels. And if we are going there, why not a book for each player on the team, right? Woo Hoo! The line forms here...

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