Sol (Love in Translation, #1) by Leslie McAdam

SolSol (Love in Translation, #1) by Leslie McAdam
Kim's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Gather up your blankets, puff up those pillows and settle in to start reading another therapeutic, serene and sexy read by Leslie McAdam!

Leslie McAdam is the kind of author where you fall in love with her characters, her words and then her. Her books have a way of reaching you emotionally and falling victim to these characters existence.

Danika is a woman who doesn't settle in one place or allow anything or anyone to control her. She is as whimsical and mercurial as they come.

Trent was a military man with a military built body and tattoos on top of that. He made a promise to his best friend and this mission is one he couldn't and wouldn't allow himself to fail. Finding Danika was the easy part, having her accept another loss was hard part.

Danika couldn't even accept her brother going into the military much less accept that it was the cause of his death. She also wouldn't accept that the love that Trent had for her since they were kids was genuine. And if it was, he could give her the independence she demanded in her life?

"I'm too used to having the freedom to not having to answer to anyone"
"If anyone is gonna fight for your freedom, babe, it's a soldier."

Two beautiful souls torn apart by a hard devastating loss of a brother and a best friend, Degan, who couldn't be more selfless or have bigger heart.

After four years apart Trent and Danika have to find acceptance for their loss but also find acceptance and forgiveness for being the ones to continue living. Could they allow themselves to find love in each other and not lose themselves in the process?

I wish I wasn't here writing this review.
Instead I wish I was still in the world Sol.

Leslie McAdam paints worlds with her words, worlds you tumble into feeling sung, soothed and completely satisfied by.

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