Steal You by K.D. Robichaux & C.C. Monroe

Steal YouSteal You by K.D. Robichaux & C.C. Monroe
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The keeper is kept by his little bird."

I've read a few books by K.D. Robichaux, but this is my introduction to C.C. Monroe. I admit that in the back of my head I knew that this book was written by two people, but even trying, I couldn't detect a single shift that indicated these characters weren't created from a single brain. The story flowed very smoothly and I really got caught up in the drama and the passion. That's another thing I have to mention, the intense chemistry and deep feelings were undeniable. So much so that I found myself totally invested and rooting for the #CrazyTeam.

Lizith (aka Little Bird) is a submissive. It's not a label that she wears. She didn't even know that about herself until she met her professor, her keeper. She just knew immediately that she belonged to him and she was willing to do whatever he told her to. He trained her and molded her into his perfect pet. He warned her that he was going to ruin her...and he did.

Lizith was so completely in love with her keeper that when he left she was devastated. She was unable to move on, refusing to give up hope that they would be together again. Her feelings didn't waver or dim over time and her determination just grew stronger. She kept a close eye on her lost love while pursuing her chosen profession as a fertility specialist. And when the opportunity arose for her to give him something he had always wanted, she couldn't pass it up. She didn't stop to consider how crazy her actions were. She just saw her chance to make her fantasies come true by giving him what he wanted most, a child. I'm guessing that "I am choking on my obsession and wrung lifeless by my insanity. The insanity this man caused." will be her plea if she gets caught, huh?

Yeah, I might have agreed that she was totally living in a fantasy world if I had not met the sexy professor, Xander. Now I understand why he has a line of simpering students falling all over themselves to get his attention. I kinda don't blame Lizith for losing her mind over him. Especially after I entertained a little voyeuristic analysis, you know, just to make sure that he lived up to all the hype. After careful consideration, and possibly reading a few scenes more than twice, I've determined that she might be psychotic, but she's also a very lucky girl. I wouldn't take too kindly to losing all that either!

I'm not going to give you any more details, I'm just gonna say that by the end of this incredible story I was fully onboard the crazy train with them. Actually, we weren't alone, there's another character that I wanted to throw off the train, right onto the tracks! This amazing story had me in its grip from the get-go and I enjoyed every second of the ride. I think this dynamic duo did an excellent job and I really really hope that they decide to continue collaborating on more projects in the future. Either way, this fangirl will be stalking, I mean following them both. The line forms here...

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