Still (Grip, #2) by Kennedy Ryan

Still (Grip, #2)Still (Grip, #2) by Kennedy Ryan
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Great love must be tested."

I've been a fan of this author and this series for a while. I thought I was ready for Still, but I was wrong. You can't prepare for that level of pain or beauty, you just have to experience it, and hope that you survive. The author put me through an emotional wringer; she turned the crank with her words, ideas, possibilities, promises, and pain. I came out the other side flattened but whole, but just barely.  It'll take me a few days with everything flashing through my mind, replaying over and over, before I can get a grip on myself and move on. You know it's an amazing story when it stays with you, and this one does.

I've been with Grip and Bristol through their highs and lows. I've supported them through their triumphs and tragedies. I've held on to my hope that they would overcome the many obstacles in the path of their love. If great love must be tested, then theirs must be the greatest ever because testing is an understatement. I'm just here on the other side, observing through the pages of my kindle, feeling every painful stab and devastation. I don't even have words to tell you what this story is about, it's not something you can explain, you just have to feel with your heart.

Another experience that can't be explained is the emotional impact of the incredible talent of Grip (aka Kennedy Ryan) displayed through the lyrics and poems. They will touch your soul and take you on a journey that you won't soon forget. Once I've had time to recover from this exhausting, amazing, incredible story I'll be ready for more. More of whatever the author decides to share with her readers next. The line forms here...


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