Stud Finder (1001 Dark Nights) by Lauren Blakely

Stud Finder (1001 Dark Nights)Stud Finder (1001 Dark Nights) by Lauren Blakely
Jamie's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

I'm usually not one to read Novellas because the story is never long enough for me and ends way to quickly, but Lauren Blakely's books do that to me anyway. Love all of her books and Stud Finder wasn't different.

Stud finder was a sweet, sexy read with lots of humor.

Evie and Dylan couldn't be more perfect together. Evie is an independent woman with a taste for fashion and a passion for helping others find love.

Dylan is a tech savvy nerd, who as smart as he is clueless in finding the "One".

These two couldn't be more opposite, but yet so perfect for each other.

No story is as easy as it sounds.

Loved this Novella, I found myself literally laughing out loud quite a few times while reading.

Stud Finder is an quick, sweet and highly entertaining read

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