Tempted & Taken (Men of Haven, #4) by Rhenna Morgan

Tempted & Taken (Men of Haven, #4)Tempted & Taken (Men of Haven, #4) by Rhenna Morgan
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"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow."

I really love the Men of Haven series, but it was Knox's book that I was most looking forward to. Yeah, I'm a geek and I can't resist a tech nerd, especially a hacker. And the fact that he wears silly graphic T-shirts makes me like him even more.

Darya is on the run. She's hiding in plain sight, getting by but wanting more. She made a promise to herself that she would live life to the fullest, "And running wasn't living." She recently moved to Dallas, TX where the weather is HOT and so is Knox. She's been doing her research after learning that he's the best in the business. Those photos of him that she saved on her computer, they are just part of her research. At least that's what she tells herself...every time she looks at them. She's taken the first step. She's reached out to him seeking a business meeting. Now all she has to do is wait, and check her email compulsively in the hopes that he will respond.

Knox knows better than to consider a business meeting without first checking out the person requesting the meeting. While there's nothing alarming, his gut tells him that there's more to her story. When he sees her, he's even more curious. He can't deny that she's beautiful, and he wants her. But he resists the temptation to go there. He doesn't do relationships. He's decided that policy is best to insure, "Less trauma and no drama."

The chemistry between Knox and Darya is intense, and his lust for her makes him rethink his stand on mixing business and pleasure. Will she take him up on his passionate promises knowing that he doesn't want more? She's all for living each day to its fullest, and his filthy mouth has her convinced that he can deliver. Why not enjoy today and worry about tomorrow later, right? It works for me, I wouldn't be able to resist him either. No judgment here.

I'm so addicted to the sexy Men of Haven and their women. "Every one of them incredibly different and fallible on their own, but unbreakable and steadfast as a whole." They have each other's backs, willing to do whatever is needed to support each other. They are alphas and very protective of their women, but they are smart enough to give them the freedom to make choices for themselves. When the girls get together it's very entertaining and makes me wish I could join them for their mani/pedi days.

I'm very happy to report that there are still plenty of sexy single men in the 'family' for us to look forward to in future installments. I can't wait to meet the women that will have them changing their ways and rethinking their future. And I especially can't wait for the family fun when it happens. They might be very supportive, but they can't resist poking and provoking each other and wagers make it even more interesting. I'm especially excited to meet the lass who gets what's beneath the kilt. The line forms here...

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