The Big, Bad Billionaire (Billionaire Fairy Tales, #4) by Jackie Ashenden

The Big, Bad Billionaire (Billionaire Fairy Tales #4)The Big, Bad Billionaire (Billionaire Fairy Tales, #4) by Jackie Ashenden
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"I'm going to see a man about a wolf."

As readers we all have our checklist, right? Well, it seems that Jackie Ashenden has the same taste in alpha males as I do because I find hers irresistible. It doesn't matter if they are bikers, billionaires or bounty hunters, they are all bossy and badass. They all speak caveman and know what to do once they get what they want. And if they are broken bad boys, even better.

Rafe is broken, but he hides it well. He's personable and charming. Sexy in a suit and convincing in a boardroom. He makes things happen and he always has a plan. He's stacked the deck in his favor when it comes to Ella. He's made sure that she has no choice in the matter when the time comes for him to deal the cards. He's holding what she needs, and there's only one way she can get it.

Ella lives to dance, ballet is her life. Focusing on her dancing brings her peace and fills the lonely hours. Since she lost her parents, it's been her salvation. When she learns that Rafe has become her guardian and holds the purse strings she is confused and frustrated. She's never had trouble accessing her trust fund before, so why is he being such a jerk and insisting that she negotiate when it's something that is reasonable and not frivolous? She'd never admit it, even to herself, but she feels a connection to him. She feels his presence in the room before she sees him. And when she does see him, he takes her breath away. He reminds her of the big bad wolf in the ballet she's dancing in.
With him she felt afraid and yet brave at the same time."

The chemistry between Rafe & Ella is off the charts and it was exciting to experience his relentless pursuit of her. He challenged her and aroused her with his words, making her crave his touch. She resisted, finding a strength in herself she wasn't aware of previously as she stood up for herself. It was wine and popcorn entertainment for this reader as I waited for them to finally meet in the middle and pop my kernels with the heat of their passion.

And to get back to the broken part. Rafe's painful past is heartbreaking and explains his need for control. He's closed off his heart and reinforced his armor for a reason. Will his 'Little Red' run from the 'Wolf' or will she save him?

This was my first Billionaire Fairy Tale, but it won't be my last. I'm looking forward to meeting the author's next alpha billionaire. The line forms here...

$3.99/Amazon (Coming Nov. 21st!)

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