The Hail You Say (Hail Raisers, #5) by Lani Lynn Vale

The Hail You Say (Hail Raisers #5)The Hail You Say (Hail Raisers, #5) by Lani Lynn Vale
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"I needed to protect me at this point, not Reed."

I must confess that it's Dante's story that has me the most intrigued, I can't wait for it to be his turn. Truthfully, I didn't know much about Reed, so I didn't get all excited in anticipation for him. Now that I've read his story, it's one of my favorites. Actually, each book becomes my favorite, until the next one takes its place...sigh. ❤️

Krisney is a glutton for punishment. She just keeps taking it and taking it without protesting. I was ranting and raving on her bahalf, ready to dole out some bitch slaps and junk punches. The fact that she made it through boot camp and into the military proves that she's badass and not a wimp. Her problem is that she has some guilt and insecurity weighing on her mind that convinces her she deserves what others are dishing out. Maybe the love of her life breaking her heart and ordering her to "Get out!" has something to do with that.

Krisney is reluctant to tell her parents, but excited to get the hail out of her hometown, when she's deployed to Germany. Their bitterness and her memories are something she's more than ready to leave behind. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that running away from her past didn't solve the problem, it seems to have followed her. The last person she ever expected to see between her legs again is staring at her from the end of his exam table. Dr. Reed Hail, her teenage sweetheart, and the one that she measured all others by resulting in her still being single.

Reed regretted his words before they ever made it past his lips, but he couldn't change them. The tragic event that resulted in his outburst overshadowed everything that followed. He thought he could move on and forget her, but he soon learned that was impossible. Everyone knew they were meant for each other, including themselves, but that didn't change anything. No matter what he did, someone would be hurt. It was a lose/lose situation that cost him everything...her.

The Hail You Say takes some of the threads left hanging in previous books and ties them together. Details are becoming clearer in some areas and more confusing in others. And my curiosity about Dante is stronger than ever. I have such a weakness for damaged, broken, bad boys and his story really has me tied in knots. I can't wait to get to know him better and to meet the strong woman it will take to heal his broken heart. The line forms here...

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