The Line by Amie Knight

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"Is this what happened when people loved you? They just accepted you the way you were? Flaws and all?

The Line by Amie Knight...dang girl..I really enjoyed reading this book!! This book will definitely give you the feels!!! And y'all, lets take a moment to enjoy this Hawt Cowboy on the front cover!!! Goodness, he is just perfect for our leading man!! : )

So this book is about Everly, who is homeless and she is broken. She finds herself on a train where she meets a brown-eyed, brown-haired man in a black Stetson-a beautiful cowboy. He gives her a seat beside him and he protects her for that one night...She was cold, hungry and very tired. She couldn't pass up the help he was giving her for that one night.

Fast forward four years later. Everly gets a job helping on a Peach farm, this is where the beautiful cowboy comes back into her life from that one night years ago. She is not that young, homeless girl anymore. This is where all these wonderful feels come into play again. Will being near him spark up those feelings from years ago? Those feelings that kept her going. Now that she is older, will she fall for this Cowboy that helped her out from before....Ummm here is my review ends ladies...yeppp you are going to have to one click this book and find out for yourself.

I gave this book 5 iScream Books Stars!!! This is not my first Amie Knight book, I really enjoy reading her books and she definitely keeps you turning those pages wayyyy into the night!! : )

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