The Scars of you by Rachael Tonks

The scars of youThe scars of you by Rachael Tonks
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Isabella is everything to Braxon. She's buried so far under his skin and into his soul. Their bond and friendship is unlike any others and never could be forgotten or broken.

Then one day she just left.

Something she promised she would never do and when she did she took his heart with her.

Braxton never believed that she would just walk out of his life without a word. She was every good memory of being a kid and everything positive about childhood. He continued life searching for that and Isabella but falling into a life of drugs, guns and death.

Isabella's whole childhood was filled with pain but her two best friends Braxton and Travis were her only light and love in it. Every shitty day turned into good one with them and their friendship was special and full of love, until her own father ripped it all away.

The same day Braxton lost Izzy was the same day he lost Travis and his life began a declining spiral into becoming some unrecognizable man he is today. He fought for them both and would have exchange his life for theirs. Instead he has lived on, soulless.

This story had me holding my breath for hope and turning pages with eagerness for a happy ending for them both.

I needed more for them then what life gave them after they lost what they valued most out of life, their unconditional love of friendship. It broke my heart that the innocence of all that got ripped apart by deceitfulness.

Now you need to read this emotionally gutting story to see if and how they find each other and if they can get back all they once had of their love, friendship and innocence. Or will it get ripped all away, again?

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