There’s No Place Like Home (The One, #3) by Jasinda Wilder

There’s No Place Like Home (The One, #3)There’s No Place Like Home (The One, #3) by Jasinda Wilder
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"I am gone. I am nowhere. I am no one."

Finally, the conclusion to Christian and Ava's story. The finale that I've been anxiously awaiting, yet afraid to read at the same time. I started my journey with this author with a box of tissues, years ago. Falling Into You was my first ugly cry while reading romance, and it left its mark, still being one of my favorite books after having read over a thousand. Her ability to reach me with her words, touching my emotions and making me feel "scooped hollow" right along with her characters keeps her on my auto-click list.

Please note that There's No Place Like Home is the third book in The One series. Books one and three focus solely on Christian and Ava, and book two features Ava's sister, Delta. This series is different than the author's other books. Much of the story is told through journals with the characters being separated. There is an abundance of emotion and devastation as Christian and Ava deal separately with personal tragedy and heartbreak. Their loss and loneliness keep them in darkness as they struggle to find themselves. Ava thinks to herself, "I needed to be me without you before I could be me with you."

Ava never gives up, believing that Christian is alive. She says she can feel him in her soul and she would know if he was gone. So she decides to search for him while trying to find herself along the way. She doesn't know if there will ever be a 'us' again, but she needs to know that he's alive and safe. Their home is gone, totally destroyed by a hurricane. She has nothing left to lose and nowhere to live. But she can't start over or move on without knowing where Christian is.

Christian was lost at sea. He was tossed and battered by the waves, leaving his body broken and his mind in darkness. Not only is he lost to his wife, he's lost to himself. He's alone and confused, scared and distraught. So he does what always brings him comfort, he writes. His writing brings him emotional release and helps him to work out his feelings and memories. His words are beautiful and tragic. His memories painful and his questions endless. He's a talented writer and I enjoyed his short story in this book as much as the one he wrote in The Long Way Home.

This love story is both beautiful and tragic, tugging at my heartstrings and keeping my hopes high as I yearn for these lovers to find their way back to each other. I was worried right along with Christian as he thought to himself, "What if it's too late? What if there's too much pain and guilt to overcome?" I was exhausted and tied up in knots by the time I turned the last page, ready for wine and a bubble bath. But no worries, I'll be ready for whatever the author decides to tackle next. I'll gladly give her my laughter and my tears, my sighs, and my swoons as long as she takes me on another journey with her magical pen. The line forms here...



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