This is the End, Baby (War & Peace, #6.5) by K. Webster

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Eeep...I always love picking up a dark romance book with a good warning!!! Sooo make sure you read the warning in the beginning of this book. And if you are sensitive to dark themes, then you should know that this book is not for you. Nowww if you are reading this warning and you love dark books, and the warning makes you feel giddy, then one click this bad boy y'all, it is sooo good and sooo efffffeeeeddd up just like K. Webster loves to do to us!!!lol

I also want to say that when I started reading This is the End, Baby...I thought puuullleeeaaase

K. Webster, I freaking love this series, but your giving me heart palpations after I read each one of these books in this series because they end in a cliffy, anddd, then I have these huge book hangovers and I get pissy for a week!!! lol Sooo guess what y'all, this is the final book!! So you are blessed in being able to read the whole series waiting game!!! lol Ok, now I am ready to give you my review!! lol

"He was right. I did need a vacation.

I need to keep my darkness at bay.

I was in desperate need of a vacation."

And good lord almighty, what a vacation it turns out to be.

Ohhh y'all I am biting at the bit to say more. But I am not. I have said enough!!! I can not ruin anything for you!!! It is best to go in blind, so there you go!! lol

I gave this book 5 iScream Books Stars!! I tell you what, I know how K. Webster doesn't care for hugs, but next time I see her at an author event, I am definitely giving her a hug cuz I really think she needs one after writing this series!! lol Fan-dam-tastic woman!!!

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