Toying with Her by Prescott Lane

Toying with HerToying with Her by Prescott Lane
Rosa rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"My heart is a freaking mushy mess right now. And my panties aren't faring much better."

The synopsis hooked me and the author reeled me in, one page at a time. Now I'm caught. I floved Toying With Her. I'm gonna be stalking...I mean keeping my eye out for whatever Prescott Lane has for us next. The line forms here...

Sterling is very smart, and very lonely. Who knew that doing a good deed for womankind would practically remove her from the friendship and dating pool? Instead of being proud of her hard work and accomplishments, she's an embarrassment and a threat to the men who date her. None of them can compare to the boy back home. The one that she can't forget, and the one who reminds her of what good sex is supposed to feel like. The one that unknowingly became her muse for creating her bestselling Woman on Top vibrator. Now she has more money than she knows what to do with. But she still doesn't have friends or dates. Her loneliness takes her back home to Alabama for a good dose of her mama's southern cooking and her daddy's warm hugs. The only place where she gets unconditional love. What better way to spend a summer vacation?

Rorke is the local English teacher and football coach. He outgrew his high school awkwardness and become the sexy eligible bachelor who spends his spare time outdoors. Who knew that baking in the sun and hauling hay could result in such tanned, muscled perfection? He's the same boy that took her first kiss and her virginity, but now he's a man. And whatever chemistry they had 10 years ago, it's even more intense now. Their shared memories of an unforgettable night together get in the way of her attempt to be just 'friends'. They may not have ever told anyone what happened, but it still burns between them.

Sterling is welcomed home by her loving parents, but she soon learns that her reputation preceded her. The entire town is gossiping about her invention. When Rorke lets her know that he still wants her she's reluctant to take a chance on being disappointed. She doesn't want to risk her treasured memories. What if he turns out to be like all the others? What if her money threatens his manhood? What if he is embarrassed by her job? Will he stand up and fight for her, or will he let her down and leave her more lonely than before? He's wearing her down with his never ending supply of romantic quotations. Is he just toying with her, or does he really care? Is she brave enough to give their love a second chance?

I confess, I fell for that sexy southern man. He convinced me right away that he cared for the real Sterling. The one that was his friend and lover before she made millions. He shared his memories and his feelings with me and I melted into puddle ready to start writing love notes on pink heart post-it-notes. Now, if only he could convince her to trust his feelings for her. He's determined to take his father's advice, "That's the thing about women. When they push you away, it means you need to love them harder." And push him away she does. And love her harder he does. Who will win the battle? Or will they both lose? Whose toying with who?

And I must not close without giving a shout out about the support characters. I totally fell for the book club ladies and Sterling's parents. They were a hoot. I truly enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It was full of humor and heartache. Sass and suspense. Love and laughter.

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