Train Wreck by T. Gephart

Train WreckTrain Wreck by T. Gephart
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Art is art, whether the canvas be skin, or not...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this treasure. I tend to gravitate toward books with an art theme, so this was a real treat for me. Not only did I love the ink and the painting details, I totally fell for the characters. And not just the main characters, but the colorful support characters as well. I really hope the author decides to give us more of Josh and Eve's friends, Dallas and Kitty. They both need to find someone that can handle their crazy, maybe even each other?

T. Gephart has a way of writing dialogue that never fails to keep me smiling as I read. I'm sure strangers see the goofy look on my face as I'm reading at the car wash or bank drive-through and wonder what's wrong with me. But I can't help it, the witty banter is very entertaining and sometimes I just can't contain my giggle-snorts. And um...sometimes my blushes either. She's got the passionate scenes down to a fine art too. I might have to start carrying one of those battery operated fans in my purse to get me through those H-O-T scenes.

Whether it be rockstars or tattoo artists, I'm a fan of this author's writing. And I especially enjoyed Train Wreck. She pulled me into the story and I became emotionally invested in the lives of the characters immediately. I could not put it down. But now that I have, I'm ready for more. The line forms here...

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