True (Temptation, #6) by Ella Frank

True (Temptation, #6)True (Temptation #6) by Ella Frank
Laura's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Say it isn't so! How can it be it really over? Logan and Tate, Tate and Logan. Sigh... This is one review that I don't know that I want to write, not because the book bad, far from it...I loved it, but because then reality sets in and I realize that this may just be the last I/We see of Logan and Tate. I was so excited to read True, I wanted to see how it all played out, would they finally make it to the altar? But, at the same time, I was hesitant to start this one, I knew I wouldn't want it to end. I wanted to savor it. I wanted to drag it out as long as possible, but that wasn't so possible given the time frame I had to get it read and reviewed.

Over the last four years, I have had the chance to read the six awesome books in this series. They may have been one or two that I enjoyed more than others, but, the entire series will forever stay with me. I was no stranger to M/M stories when I first loaded Try onto my kindle, but I was forever changed by the awesome writing style, character portrayal and awesomeness that is all Ella Frank. She literally brought these two amazing characters to life for not just me but to some many of us readers out there. We all read as Logan attempted to get Tate to Try. And with each subsequent book, we read as they began their relationship and the ups and downs that came right along with it. The struggles, the heartache, the LOVE! That these two men have for one another is unreal. Logan and Tate may just be my favorite book couple of all time. Theirs is a story that stays with you, that when you remember little bits and pieces, it brings a smile to your face. The dedication and determination that these two men have to one another and to the life that they want to build together was amazing to read about.

As I sit here and write this review, I want to go back and read True one more time, this time more slowly, so that I can really savor the story of Logan and Tate. The trust, the love, the angst, the heartache, the joy, the dedication and unconditional love that these two men have for one another is something that I can read about over and over. I may just have to sit down over Christmas break and start from Try and read it all in one

5 iScream Stars


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