Trust by Kylie Scott

TrustTrust by Kylie Scott
Chantal's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

Kylie Scott always has a way to get you hooked on a book, no matter the genre. I would easily classify this one as a YA book, but for a very much more mature audience. She writes about tragedy, "firsts", and trust.

Edie was always a girl that pretty much studied and got good grades. She attends a private all girls school and deals with constant bullying. After so many years of dealing with it, she just learned to deal with it.

John is well known kid at his high school, for reasons he didn't want to be. His brother had started and he just took over. John's parents left him under the watch of his older brother, so he could finish out school. He has his own demons lingering inside him.

Edie is need for movie night treats, so she stops at a local gas station. When exiting, her life is thrown through the ringer. John was there when everything happened and saved her life. Edie choosing to stay out of the public afterwards, had a lot to do with everything she witnessed and that happened to her. When a girl at school starts bullying her, she snaps and gets suspended. She tells her mom that she wants to go to the local high school, rather than deal with that anymore. Upon her first day there, she sees John "her hero". After a few exchanges, they become friends fast. The bond of everything that had happened and other things. John was at first trying to stay away from her because of his reputation, but he could only try so hard.

What becomes of Edie and John? With their friendship and chemistry, does it turn to more or is one sided? Can John finally open more about what happened?

This book was good. Like I stated at the beginning of this review, I felt it was a YA book for very mature audience. I admired Edie's ability to overcome the everyday bullying she dealt with.


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