Twin Savage (Porn Star Boyfriends, #2) by Sunniva Dee

Twin Savage (Porn Star Boyfriends, #2)Twin Savage (Porn Star Boyfriends, #2) by Sunniva Dee
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"They were the same, only absolutely, utterly not."

I confess that like most readers, the title intrigued me. Yes, I was curious about porn stars and wanted to get an inside look at the industry. I assumed that's what was in store for me as I started the series. I later learned that though there are some adult entertainment industry details, the stories are much deeper than that. Let's hope that the author is tolerant when I say that after deep consideration, using porn star terminology, I find her to be a type of literary 'fluffer' in a sense. She uses our own curiosity to arouse us and prepare us for a performance. However; the reality is much more than I was expecting.

I'm not sure what I expected from the single female living with seven male roommates. She shared a room with her fiance, Julian. Over time they formed a family of sorts, as they shared a remodeled frat house that they called the Queen. She called the guys Fratters. And Luka, her fiance's twin, she called him lots of things, none of them complimentary. She was disgusted by his chosen profession and never let him forget it. When her sweet man passed away, it tore her up seeing his face on the evil twin. Why did the good die young, and the bad ones live to torture the ones going through hell? "He's perfection of the most imperfect kind."

I admit that seeing Luka through her eyes, knowing she despised him, made it hard for me to like him at first. Actually, I kind of had trouble liking her too. Being such an analytical person, with a head full of thoughts and opinions about everything, I struggled to understand her. I met her in the middle of her grief so our introduction wasn't one of humor and witty banter, that came later. I was guilty of forming opinions about her, just like what she was doing with Luka. I'm sure this was all part of the author's plan as she dragged me kicking and screaming into the abyss as I attempted to wrap my head around what was happening. The deeper I went, the more invested I became, and the more attached I got to the Fratters.

What started as a grieving process turned into something more. The author led me down a path, opening my eyes and my heart as I shared the emotional journey of lost love and loneliness. She made me see things from another perspective, one that I hadn't previously considered or would have ever imagined on my own. And then, when I was finally on the verge of acceptance, she took it a step further and stretched my mind some more. That woman that was so smart and analytical, viewing people and situations clinically, had a new understanding after experiencing such grief. She was more tolerant and emotional. She softened towards Luka and won me over.

Of course, I wanted her to see Luka as more than a porn star. I wanted their fighting to turn into passion. But I also understood her reluctance to share him with his profession. That alone would keep her walls up and make it almost impossible for him to show her the person he was behind his reputation. What a position the author put me in by showing me both sides of the situation and making me love and understand both of them. And I can't even begin to tell you how she blew my mind with the parallel situation that was so damn interesting and thought-provoking.

As I turned the last page, wishing it wasn't over, I sighed with satisfaction. I'm exhausted after reading all night, unable to walk away from Twin Savage. I'm also very appreciative of the journey and the new awareness I achieved in the process. This book is so much more than it's cover and title and I really hope that it gets the recognition it deserves. I can't even begin to guess what the author has in store for us next, but I can't wait to find out. The line forms here...

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