Two Man Advantage by Toni Aleo

Two Man AdvantageTwo Man Advantage by Toni Aleo
Jamie's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Two Man Advantage is Toni's first M/M book and my first M/M read.

M/M is not my thing, nothing wrong with it just not my thing, but when it comes to Toni Aleo I'll read anything she writes. And she didn't disappoint with Wells and Matty's story.

Two Man Advantage can be read as a standalone, but I recommend the whole Assassin series.

I loved Wells, I loved him since we were first introduced to him. He's the kinda guy that's always there when you need him and just the person to make everything seem better when things are going bad.

Matty on the other had I didn't like at all at first. He was bossy and a little arrogant and was just a jerk, but I did end up liking him and loving his and Wells' story.

I really don't think that Toni could ever write a book that I wouldn't love.

Loved this book and love Toni! I can never get enough of the Assassin series!!

$3.99/Amazon (Coming Nov. 14th!) 

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