Tyson- (The Saints #3) by Kathy Coopmans

5 of 5 iScream Cones

Ummm...Hawt Cover Alert....Please stop and take a moment to enjoy this cover!!! Sooo Yummy Kathy!!!

And thennn...after you enjoy this cover, flip open this book and enjoy everything that is Tyson!!! Holy cow this man needs a hug!!!

"Thirteen years ago, the woman I was in love with left me standing at the altar.

Sooo Yes!!! He is a broken man and boy do we love our broken men and Kathy Coopmans has a way of making us fall sooo in love with her broken men!! lol I just love to read her books and fall more in love with each one. Tyson is the third book in the Saints series and I think they just get better and better!! I freaking loved the other two, and it's hard for me to think...ohhh this is my fav, then I read the next book and I'm like NOPE...this one is my Fav!! lol

Anyway, back to my review. So Tyson is left at the alter and he went on with his life, for years, trying to forget...then.....

"Now she’s back.
Reminding me.
Torturing me.
She says things are not what they seem.
That they weren't then either.
Do I believe her?
Do I forgive?
Time and truth will tell"

Yes time will tell, and yes Tyson will have to decide if he can let her come back into his life. Does he throw their past away?? Does he forgive her? Well you will have to read this book and find out!! And believe me ladies...this is sooo worth the read to find out what he decides to do.

I gave this book 5 iScream for Tyson Stars!! Just loved it and Dayuummm how bout that cover!!! lol : )

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