Undone By You (Chicago Rebels, #3) by Kate Meader

Undone By You (Chicago Rebels, #3)Undone By You (Chicago Rebels, #3) by Kate Meader
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"He was head over skates for this guy."

I happened upon the Chicago Rebels series by accident, but now I'm so attached to it you couldn't pry me off with a crowbar. The novelty of having three sisters owning a hockey team was very intriguing. And of course, trying to resist the #HockeyHotties was a lost cause, which is better than a lost game, right?

When Dante was introduced to the team as the new general manager, Cade, (aka Alamo) found himself in an uncomfortable position. The instant attraction took him by surprise and he struggled to keep it to himself. Not that it should be a surprise, he had a poster of Dante hanging in his childhood bedroom. He'd been a pro himself before an injury forced him to detour to management.

Dante had to keep reminding himself that the players were off limits. "The first unwritten rule of management was "don't bang a player." But he was really struggling to resist the #TexasTemptation that made no secret of the fact that he wanted him. Not only was Cade off-limits, he was still in the closet. What a scandal it would create if they were to become involved and the media found out. It could ruin both of their careers.

Even though he hadn't come out, the youngest Chase sister knew his secret, apparently, he'd given himself away because, "They'd both been checking out the bartender." They ended up becoming friends and she designated herself as a matchmaker. He never planned to tell her that he'd finally met his match, and it was #Dday. Of all the men out there, he had to fall for his boss. The Italian #HottieInASuit was forbidden, and sooo tempting.

As things heat up off the ice and behind closed doors they realize that as much as they enjoy being together, they can't go public. Their relationship was doomed before it even got started. They have both landed their dream jobs with the Chicago Rebels and neither want to risk losing them.

Undone By You was an eye-opening story that made me realize how difficult it is to find love, and even harder to claim it when it's forbidden. My heart went out to Dante and Cade as they struggled with their feelings for each other and the desire for more, knowing that they couldn't have it. Especially after seeing how good they are together. The author always does a beautiful job of getting me riled up and then pulling at my heartstrings. I feel a connection with the Rebels family and it only gets stronger with each book that's added. Their numbers are growing, but there's still a sister that has a story to tell and a franchise that is hanging in the balance. Will the team win, or will all be lost? I can't wait to find out! The line forms here...

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