Unhinged (Iron Bulls MC #5) by Phoenyx Slaughter

5 of 5 iScream Cones

Unhinged (Iron Bulls MC #5)Unhinged by Phoenyx Slaughter
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"This twisted pack of filthy bikers is the closest I have to a family."

I was thrilled to get my hands on this 5th installment of the Iron Bulls MC series. Yeah, I confess, I'm addicted to Phoenyx Slaughter's style of writing. Her bossy badass bikers with filthy mouths really do it for me. And Blaise was no exception. Lucky for me, I got to spend some time with all my favorites in Unhinged. Dante, Romeo and their women all came out to play, and I loved every minute of it!

Kadence (aka Kady) has some inner demons that cause her to doubt herself. A lot of those issues might be laid at the door of her useless father, who also happens to be Karina's father. You remember her, right? She's Dante's 'Baby Girl'...sigh. So, I found it very exciting to finally see the two sisters get to spend some time together. Especially, when sexy Dante is around too. Kady made some bad choices that she regrets. One of them, the biggest one, is what caused the end of her relationship with Blaise. She's convinced herself she's done with bikers, but when she lays eyes on Blaise, her body betrays her.
It still wants him...

Blaise has wanted Kadence forever, even when he was her step-brother, during their teens. He has always felt the pull when in her presence. While she blames herself for their breakup, he takes some of the responsibility. Lies came between them, on both sides. Secrets that they kept from each other. Secrets and lies that fed doubts that led to actions that can't be taken back.
Can they get past the past?
While Blaise loves her smart mouth, he wants her to keep that side of herself for him alone. He can't tolerate her temper and tirades in the presence of brothers or enemies. That kind of behavior could get one or both of them killed.

Kady feels like she and Blaise are toxic for each other. He riles her up and she ends up doing or saying things that she regrets later. He doesn't know this, but she secretly likes his caveman side. She tries to resist him, but he knows every one of her buttons and when he pushes them, she can't deny her response. He lights her fire and he knows it. She's surprised he's still interested, after what she did, but there's no denying the lust in his look.
He still wants her...

Woo Hoo! Not only is Unhinged
, it's also funny, and exciting as the 'club business' renews my curiosity and suspicion about certain characters that shall remain unnamed. While the relationship side of things are resolved by the end of the story, there is much more club business simmering in the background that has me intrigued and anxious for more. Yes, I want more of everything. The line forms here...


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