UnLove Me (Angels Warriors MC Trilogy, #1-3) by Dawn Martens

UnLove Me (Angels Warriors MC Trilogy #1-3)UnLove Me by Dawn Martens
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"Sometimes real love means loving someone enough to let them go."

This 3-book boxset was my first and only time to read the work of Dawn Martens. Yes, it was my MC Romance addiction that led me to give her a try. I kinda had a love/hate relationship with this book. I think the story in the mind of the author is amazing, however; the actual manuscript was difficult and distracting to read. I struggled with the many POV's and the mixture of them within the same paragraph making it difficult to determine who's voice was speaking and forcing me to backtrack sometimes when it became clear and I had to reboot my brain and read it again. The formatting is beautiful, so I know that professionals were involved. Some of the chapter headings had POV designated, but that didn't keep it from switching to another in the middle. It strained my brain as I read all three books from beginning to end, back-to-back. If I had not done so, I'm sure that reading the same story from a different POV would have been helpful, reminding me what had been covered in the previous book, giving me another insight to the situation. But since I did, I sometimes felt I was just reading the same story three times. But each was focused on a different character, while still maintaining the multiple POV's. That being said, I have to confess that UnLove Me was an incredible story that will stay in my head for a while to come.

It's mind-bending how the author managed to keep so many details about so many characters and situations straight in her head. The imagination required to come up with the relationships and events is impressive and makes me wonder how she slept at night with so much on her mind. I even downloaded the song, UnLove Me by Maroon 5, knowing it would remind me of this story every time I hear it on my playlist.

The author definitely took me on an emotional journey and made me feel things. I had strong reactions to the characters and they moved in and out of the dog house in my affections. She didn't make them perfect, she revealed their flaws. She made me get upset with them, and she made me love them too. One minute I wanted to punch them, and the next I wanted to hug them. I laughed with them and cried with them. I was shocked and surprised as secrets were revealed, having been kept even from me even with so many POV's. I saw the pain the characters suffered and the reasons for the secrets being kept, and I questioned the outcome if they had been revealed earlier. So many questions, so much pain, so many bad choices...so much love.

I feel like I really got to know the characters who were colorful and multi-faceted. They kept growing on me the more I read and I became invested in their lives and their story. So, let me close by saying that though it was a rough ride, I'm glad to have taken it. The author's talent shined through and I see good things in her writing future.


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