Van (Cold Fury Hockey, #9) by Sawyer Bennett

Van (Cold Fury Hockey, #9)Van (Cold Fury Hockey, #9) by Sawyer Bennett
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Am I still shiny?"

The deeper I get into the Cold Fury Hockey series the more addicted I become. There's just no resisting those sexy #HockeyHotties and if one of them happens to be a broken bad boy, I fall even harder. And Van is most definitely broken. He's big, bad, broken, bossy and blunt to the point of rudeness. He keeps to himself and he doesn't socialize unless it's a team requirement.

Simone is the only girl with three big brothers. She's not intimidated by Van. She actually finds his impenetrable walls to be a challenge. She just turns up the heat and tries to shock him with her boldness and extreme flirting. He hides it well, but she's starting to get to him. And it's not that she's off-limits because she has two brothers on the team. Nope, she's off-limits because he doesn't do relationships. He's a loner and his past is nobody's business. He doesn't answer questions and he doesn't have sleepovers.

Van has earned his reputation on the ice as an enforcer, and off the ice as an A-hole. He channels his rage through his performance on the team or at the gym. He doesn't have any close friends, but he gets along with his roommate, especially since Lucas is usually at his girlfriend's place. Most of the time he has the living room and the TV to himself. At least he used to. Before she invaded his home, his couch, and his fantasies. But what choice did he have? She was his roommate's sister, he couldn't throw her out. But he wanted to...

What fun I had when Simone set her sights and Van and pushed and pushed until he was ready to explode. I was ready for the fireworks show, turning each page with delight, knowing that the next one would be when it finally happened. And let me tell you, when those two finally do connect, it's like the Fourth of July! But unfortunately, that wasn't the only hurdle. Van has a BIG secret. There's a reason he pushes everyone away and doesn't smile or make friends. And though Simone drives him crazy with lust, he doesn't want to share more than his body. He's keeping his secrets and his heart off-limits. But, as you probably already guessed, Simone isn't scared off by limitations, they just motivate her to try harder.

I fell hard for Van. Even more so after learning what he was hiding. His story was surprising and heartbreaking. As the author focuses on a different player in each book of this amazing series she proves that the Cold Fury players really are a team, on and off the ice. I can't wait to get to know Reed better in the next installment. The line forms here...

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