Where I End by Michelle Dare

Where I EndWhere I End by Michelle Dare
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"He's mine. Every broken piece."

Where I End was my first read by this author. Being drawn to broken characters, I couldn't resist giving it a try after reading the synopsis.

Cy is both broken and beautiful. He is popular and draws a crowd wherever he goes. Nobody ever knew how damaged he was on the inside. He kept his pain to himself. He did however inflict his inner turmoil outwardly with bad behavior. The one that the suffered the most when that happened was Eve. She drew his attention. If he had not been striking out, how different would their lives have ended up?

Cy was her Kryptonite. She couldn't deny his beauty. She couldn't help being drawn to him. She didn't know why he had singled her out. Even when he was tormenting her...
she wanted him.

Even years later, after high school, she couldn't stop her reaction to him. Just being in the same room with him affected her. Yes, she hated him...
and she wanted him.
Not that she planned to tell him. She never planned to give him the power to make her life hell,
No, her response was usually her middle finger when she saw him.

Never in a million years would she have expected what happened, to happen. In spite of her feelings, her hatred, she couldn't walk away. She made a split second decision that would change both of their lives forever. She crossed a line that couldn't be uncrossed and put herself in his life whether he wanted her there or not.

She didn't know that he watched her when she wasn't looking. She never knew that he cared for her, he kept it well hidden behind his outrageous behavior. She never knew he was hiding in plain sight. Until he reached the end of himself. Until she stepped into his hell, determined to save him.
Where I End
is where they began. Can something be salvaged from the ashes? Will he share his demons and allow her to ease his pain? Is he too broken to share himself with her? Will she accept him once she knows the truth?

What a heartbreaking, emotional story. The deeper I went, more and more details were uncovered. Secrets were shared and suspicion was stirred. My sorrow and my anger got a work out. Now that I've turned the last page my mind is full, and so is my heart.


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