The Wicked Billionaire (Tate Brothers, #2) by Jackie Ashenden

The Wicked Billionaire (Tate Brothers, #2)The Wicked Billionaire (Tate Brothers, #2) by Jackie Ashenden
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"A sniper in a suit sounds dangerous."

Confession, I've seen so many books with billionaire in the title that I tend to roll my eyes when I see them. I would have simply passed this one over too if not for the author's name on the cover. I've enjoyed her books previously, so I decided to give it a chance. Reading The Wicked Billionaire was the best decision ever. This book is so much more than it's title, it's amazing! I read it as a standalone, but I am determined to go back and read the first book that I somehow missed...probably because of the title. 😉

Lucas Tate is badass. He's cold and hard as steel. He has his emotions on lock down. He can control his heartbeat and his reactions so that he appears cold as ice. That makes him the best sniper, able to sit for hours without moving a muscle. He knows what he's good at and that's enough for him. He has no plans to ever leave his Navy SEAL unit. But he's been given the assignment of protecting the widow of a friend. He takes this temporary duty very seriously and keeps a close eye on her. He knows how to blend into his environment, how to be invisible in plain sight. He doesn't get seen unless he wants to. Well, at least that was the case until she saw him. How did she do that?

Grace is an artist. It was her art that kept her busy when her husband was on deployment for months at a time. Though he passed away six months ago, it had been much longer since she had seen him. When she sees Lucas again, her late husbands good friend, it brings back memories...and guilt. Lucas can't understand how she saw him across the street when he was watching her. But she had felt his presence, before she saw him. That connection that had always been present, but never acknowledged by either of them. When Lucas tells her things about her husband that she never knew, it makes her doubt herself more than she already does. It reminds her of her past that she kept hidden from him, and makes her question her marriage that she thought was happy. He pulls secrets from her that she's never shared with anyone. How did he do that?

This surprisingly deep story kept me enthralled from beginning to end. I'm a sucker for broken characters and this one had several. I was pulled into their pasts, their pain, and their passion. And, if that wasn't enough to keep me glued to my kindle, there was danger and suspense thrown in to guarantee it. Another of my weaknesses is art. I totally love art themed stories so I very much enjoyed that aspect of the story too. I got so much more than I was expecting and I am so excited about reading the next book in the Tate Brothers series. The author teased me and gave me just enough of a glimpse to have me salivating for more. The line forms here...

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