Wicked Dirty (Stark World, #2) by J. Kenner

Wicked Dirty (Stark World, #2)Wicked Dirty (Stark World, #2) by J. Kenner
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Sex is a tool, and it can either build or destroy."

Wicked Dirty is another amazing addition to the Stark  family. I really love seeing characters from other books that I've enjoyed. Catching up with them is an added bonus to this new series.

Lyle is a movie star at the top of his career. He's sought after by directors and women. He's minding his P's & Q's on the surface, but behind the scenes his demons are hot on his heels. There's only one way he can get the release he needs to battle them, and that's by hiring anonymous women that he pays well to keep his secret. It's worked well for him for years, until it didn't.

Sugar Laine prefers to go by Laine, so she doesn't sound like a hooker. She's a sweet hard-working girl with too many jobs and not enough money to get the monkey off her back. Even though her situation is hopeless, she just keeps taking on extra hours waitressing, knowing that they are just a drop in a bucket and can't even touch her debt. When her best friend comes up with a plan that is crazy, but just might work, she loses the argument with herself and agrees. She can earn more in one night than she usually makes in a month serving drinks. When she shows up to work her new job, she recognizes her new boss. She didn't plan on enjoying her duties, but couldn't deny the zing she felt when he touched her. She thought that night would be the end, and she'd never see him again. But when a photo of them showed up in the media and he asked her to go along with a pretend engagement, she couldn't talk herself out of it. She wanted to spend more time with him, even if it was a fake relationship.

Lyle has a one-night-only rule that's never been a problem. But when he's caught by the paparazzi in a compromising position, he's advised by his agent to protect his reputation by appearing to have a relationship. So, he breaks his rule and makes a deal with the only girl that's ever kept his attention longer than one night. The problem is, that she gets him like nobody else ever has. While nobody else questions his lies, she sees right through them. She knows he has secrets, and though she doesn't try to push him to confess, he wants to. How is he supposed to survive spending so much time with her? How will he be able to keep his secrets and his heart?
Does he really want to?

What can I say, Wicked Dirty is amazing. It's actually different from other books I've read by this author. While there's definitely the very strong chemistry and passion between the characters that I've come to expect, there's also a sweetness and innocence that I wasn't expecting. I fell hard for both Lyle & Sugar. But what's new, right? I tend to do that with all her characters. I've got my eye on Noah now. I can't wait for him to have his own book. The line forms here...

$4.99/Amazon (Coming September 19th!)

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