Wicked S.O.B. (Dark Desires, #2.5) by Zara Cox

Wicked S.O.B. (Dark Desires, #2.5)Wicked S.O.B. by Zara Cox
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"Quinn Blackwood, mind-fuck expert."

It was so wonderful to go back to the story that turned me on to such an amazing author. Porn Star was my introduction to the word wizardry of Zara Cox and she is now one of my favorite authors. She blew my mind with that first story, and Wicked S.O.B. takes me back to that same couple and completes their story. I fell hard for Q. He's an unapologetic asshole to everyone but
And now, he's even more so. He's damaged, so broken that he sees no good in himself. But he's selfish and refuses to give up the love of his life, even if he thinks she deserves better than him. He's possessive, and obsessed, but the feeling is mutual. He's had the same effect on
They are everything to each other, but how much is too much?

They've been in the dark together. Both taking what they needed from each other. The blindfold has been removed and the secrets revealed. Can they accept each other's demons? Can they find a future together in spite of their pain. Can they survive it a second time when the danger returns? Will their obsession save them, or kill their love. Will his smothering safety net be too much for her to handle? Will his fear of losing her, cause him to lose her? How much is too much?

Mind blow. Again. I can't get enough of this author and her dirty Dark Desires. I want more! The line forms here...

$1.99/Amazon (Coming August 8th)

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