Wicked Times Two (Wicked Brand, #2) by Tina Donahue

Wicked Times TwoWicked Times Two (Wicked Brand, #2) by Tina Donahue
Rosa's rating: 4 of 5 iScream Cones

"She was ready to cut loose and enjoy herself. Not once but twice. Wicked times two."

I met Jasmina in Wicked Takeover and she seemed like such a young, sweet, innocent girl. After reading the synopsis for Wicked Times Two I just couldn't imagine her with #TwoHotCops at the same time. Too intriguing to pass up.

Lauren, the new owner of the tattoo parlor where Jasmina works recently promoted her to the manager position. It was perfect timing since she just dumped her cheating boyfriend and moved into a place of her own. She needed something to throw herself into, and working helps keep her mind busy. She loves her job and she's good at it. But it doesn't keep her from being lonely after hours.

Jasmina has no desire to give her heart to another man, it's too painful. But that doesn't mean she doesn't want to have some wicked fun. When the same two sexy cops who'd previously shown up at the parlor to handle a disturbance come back for some tattoos, her fantasies of being with both of them take over. "She leaned against the counter and zeroed in on them like a lust-seeking missile."

Wicked Times Two is a short sexy read with some sweet and fun times. There were some hits and misses as the threesome struggled with doubts and insecurities about their feelings for each other. Will Jasmina be able to overcome her past experience and be willing to try again, or will she keep them in the friends-with-benefits-zone?

$3.99/Amazon (Coming Jan. 22nd!)

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