Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino

Wish You Were HereWish You Were Here by Renee Carlino
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5++++++++++ Shining Stars for Wish You Were Here!!!

Gosh y'all, I know that my review will not do this book justice!!! This book was spectacular!!! It gave me the freaking feels......the goose bumps.....the Everrryyything!!!

This review will be another confession from me. This is my first Renee Carlino book!!! I know...I am soo dumb not reading her books as of yet...What tha heck Tricia Bartley!!! But I will tell you that I am sooo happy this was my first read by her and it will definitely not be my last read by Carlino. She will have a new stalker...lol

Soo this book is about Charlotte. She is a carefree kind of girl. She really hasn't found her niche in life. She lives with her BFF Helen, which is a fun and crazzzy girl. These two together made me laugh my ass off at times. The friendship was sooo much fun!! One night on the town with these two girls...they run into a boy named Adam, he is a bit lost, he mentions he is new to town. So Charlotte decides to show him around, they go out for a drink, have some fun and she decides to stay the night. It was a wonderful evening of romance, eating Chinese, drinking champagne, telling stories and a bit of role-playing. But....when Charlotte wakes up the next morning, Adam kind of blows her off, gives her the cold shoulder, this made Charlotte hurt and she wondered what happened to make him be this way towards her after such a fun night. She leaves and she goes on with her quirky life, but she never forgets about Adam, he is always on her mind.

I am ending my 5 Star review right here. This is where I say that you will have to pick up this wonderful book and find out where Charlotte goes from there, does she ever get to see Adam again?Does she get to find out why he gave her the cold shoulder that night? Gooo one click this book and get your answers ladies and fall in love with this book like I did!!! : )

$7.99/Amazon (Coming August 15th!)

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