Wished for You (The Blogger Diaries, #1) by K.D. Robichaux

Wished for You (The Blogger Diaries #1)Wished for You (The Blogger Diaries, #1) by K.D. Robichaux
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A heartbreaking unfinished love story that needed to be told.

Being a blogger myself, I was very intrigued by The Blogger Diaries. After learning that it was a true story, I was even more curious to get a gander at K.D. Robichaux's debut novel. And after reading it, can I just say how impressed I was with her writing skill, which I have to admit surprised me since this was her first book. At least until I made it to the acknowledgments and discovered that she is an editor. With her love of reading, her education, and a career in the book industry she had the tools needed to finally realize her dream of becoming an author. What makes her story unique is the autobiographical aspect. She dug deep and shared parts of herself that must have been uncomfortable. The character's internal dialogue was a window into her mind that brought me both smiles and tears. She laid it all out there and made herself vulnerable to her readers, and that is a sacrifice that I appreciate and admire.

Kayla is a teenager who moved to Texas to live with her brother while attending college. She is new to the area and has not made any friends yet. After visiting an online dating site, she arranges a meeting with Gavin, hoping for a love connection or at least a friend. It's through him that she later meets his best friend, Jason. Finding herself in the uncomfortable position of seeing one man while lusting after another is not something she would wish on her worst enemy. Not when those two men were best friends. If she pissed off one, she risked losing the other. So, she kept her feelings to herself. What a frustrating situation, right? She couldn't regret meeting Gavin, or she wouldn't have met Jason. But she couldn't have Jason, because of Gavin. Are you confused yet?

The story is told in Kayla's POV, so the reader can only assume what the men in her life think and feel about her. While some things are obvious, others are more wishful thinking. Being inside Kayla's head had me yearning for the same thing she wanted. While I knew that the series was being told as a trilogy and that I was promised an eventual HEA, that did not prevent my anguish as I experienced the events as they took place.

I became totally invested in the lives of the characters. I laughed at their antics and enjoyed their banter. I melted as their feelings for each other became bigger than their ability to contain them. I turned each page anxious and nervous, both wanting them to give into their passion and afraid of the consequences if they did. What an emotional roller coaster ride she took me on. And let's just say, that last drop was a doozy! As I knew before I started, this story is not over yet, so I'll see you on the other side. The line forms here...


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