Wrench (The Brotherhood Journals, #2; The Club Girl Diaries, #6) by Addison Jane

Wrench (The Brotherhood Journals #2; The Club Girl Diaries #6)Wrench (The Brotherhood Journals, #2; The Club Girl Diaries, #6) by Addison Jane
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"Some people say you can't choose your family, but they were wrong. I'd chosen mine."

I'm so in love with The Brotherhood Journals & The Club Girl Diaries. They are full of broken characters that find a family worth dying for. A support system that was missing in their lives before they became part of the Brothers by Blood MC family. There are so many amazing characters with a story to tell, and the author does it beautifully.

Wrench is not a grease monkey. He's a geek with some impressive skills. So how did he end up with the road name of Wrench? Guess you'll need to one-click to hear his funny story yourself. That's what I did. Yeah, I confess, I think nerds are sexy, especially when they are badass bikers. Wrench doesn't spend all of his time behind a computer. Nope, he works for those ripped abs. He might have been scrawny in school, but the ladies are more than willing now.

Sugar got her club name from Op, the father of her baby. It fits her much better than the one her parents chose for her. They care more about appearances than they do for her. They might have money, but it means nothing when you don't have love. Sugar knew that going back to the clubhouse could be dangerous, but her little girl needed her father and honorary uncles in her life. Her daughter deserved to feel loved and appreciated. And Sugar was determined to make sure she was. She just had to hope that her past stayed in the past and didn't ruin her future.

Wrench volunteered for babysitting duty. More than willing to keep his eyes on Sugar and her daughter. It was no chore, it was an honor. All of the brothers had been warned by the club president that Sugar was off-limits. He knew this, but tell that to his mind and his heart. She starred in every one of his fantasies. The more he got to know her, the more he thought she might be worth whatever the punishment would be to disobey orders.

Sugar felt comfortable with Wrench. He made her feel safe. He made her feel accepted, and she was tempted to share her burden with him. But his comfort was something she wasn't ready to risk losing if he couldn't accept what she shared. She needed him in her life. But when trouble comes calling she would be forced to make a choice. She didn't want to endanger her club family by bringing trouble to their doorstep, but did she have a choice? Would her secrets keep them safe, or put them in the line of fire? Could she find a way to keep them both? Or would she lose them both?

What a heartbreaking situation Sugar found herself in. I'm not sure how I would have handled it myself, but I for sure would have kept Wrench in the equation. There's not any situation that I wouldn't consider him on the positive side. But I guess that feeling guilt for finding herself on the wrong side of a dangerous threat made her feel reluctant to bring others into her hell. As I've learned from previous books in this series, the Brothers by Blood MC take their responsibilities seriously, and family is family, blood or not. She knows this too. She knows they will fight for her. Will she let them?

I really enjoyed this installment, which intersects both series as Wrench is a brother, and Sugar was a club girl. Their passion was so strong, but forbidden, which made it even more intense. I stayed on the edge of my seat with anticipation and suspense as I worried and waited for this amazing couple to overcome their many obstacles. I was cheering and chewing on my nails. Totally engrossed and committed to their future, hoping that my version of it would match up with the author's by the end of the story. I've decided to skip exercise today, because she already gave me a mental workout, and I'm exhausted. So excited to get to know Skylar better in the next Club Girl Diaries story that's coming soon. The line forms here...


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