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Brandi's Reviews

Finding Paradise
really liked it
Finding Paradise is such a sweet read. When I was reading I transported to a magical place. The author does an EXCELLENT job explaining every detail so that you feel in the story and on the island. Hawaii is and has always been on my buc...

The Do-Over
it was amazing
The Do-Over is about two individuals who walk in the same circle for years but have never met before, until one day in the sun on a cruise. Tara is trying to get away, when a few sun rays, some rum and a great guy turn her life upside do...

it was amazing
Emily Snow is one of my favorite all time authors. She has this incredible ability to write about tattoo bad boys.

Friction is top notch - I loved every page. It was light, funny and HOT!

Lucy is a straight up good girl who has had h...

Royal Atlas
it was amazing
I once was told that a review should be emotional and not a review of the story. I think of that often when writing a review….. Well this review will be raw!
Royal Atlas is heart wrenching, no dry eye, play doh heart, salty tears, earth...

Jaded Hearts
it was amazing
Jaded Heart is a book that will steal your heart right away. The story is mainly about Wrenlee Davenport. She is the lead a singer of Loaded Replay. As she is telling her POV, you will be drawn into story, life and the sweetness of her s...

Secrets of an Alpha Male
really liked it
A few years ago I went to my first fight. I was actually scared I wouldn’t like it, scared that the blood and the blows of the punch would be too much for me. When I started reading I thought about that night and the THRILL I felt that n...

Say You Remember
really liked it
2am and Mr. Sandman was knocking on my door but I wasn’t answering – I needed to finish this book!
This was my book to read of Heather’s, it did not disappoint at all! In fact I am ready to read the fir...

Secrets I Keep
it was amazing
This review is going to be all over the place, so I am apologizing in advance.
Way more than 5 stars!
When I started reading this book, I was like I don’t know if I am going to like it. I honestly I thought there was too much detail in...

really liked it
O.M.G – this book was so refreshing and lovely! Most books are filled with lot angst and heartbreak. Unstable was like a refreshing breath.
I felt like I seen this book going so many ways then it did.
Henley is so scared of life. I real...

The Playbook
it was amazing
First thing first….. I am all about Oklahoma State football! I am a true OKIE!!! So when lil Miss Kelly mentions some Oklahoma State football in her book I went crazy!!! Go Pokes!!
Ok, I am better now! I don’t even know how to start thi...

Draw Play
really liked it
Wow… Tia Lewis scored a touchdown with this sweet story! There are some things I just love in my life, one and maybe my most favorite is Friday nights under the lights. Football is very dear to my heart. So this book was right up my 50 y...

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